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Dear clients, partners and experts,

With the global Covid-19 pandemic we all face a challenge, that confronts us professionally as well as privately.

With offices in 3 countries, Germany, Belgium and Serbia, we are in the fortunate position of already having an IT infrastructure that is well prepared for working remotely. So, for the last few weeks we have been able to adapt our internal processes to the new situation and will continue to adjust those measures as needed.

Despite this demanding situation, we are in a position to offer our services reliably, making timely payments of fees and salaries as usual, and continuing with our projects in close coordination with our clients.

We are preparing for the direct impact that the pandemic has on our projects, such as lock downs, and local outbreaks. We are also making sure that our inhouse staff, as well as the experts that work for us are safe and well supported.

Those are demanding times and we are glad that we can navigate them together with all of you.

We wish you all health and strength,
Johannes Walter
Managing Director

Download Corona message (en/fr/es/de) as PDF

Your partner in change

Nothing in this world is as certain as change. The management of change is a challenge that we at Particip are successfully committed to. Directing and shaping transformation processes is at the very core of our services.

Particip`s principle of consultancy work is based on participation in order to manage social, organisational or individual change. Technical inputs are only one important component to facilitate development.

To make it sustainable, it has to be based on people. Sustainable development therefore requires a people-oriented, participatory approach to management and consultancy.