2023 - 2024 257,685
Evaluation of the Technical Assistance to Civil Society Organisations in the Western Balkans and Turkey – TACSO programme
The main objectives of this evaluation were to provide the relevant services of the European Union and the interested stakeholders with:
  • an overall independent assessment of the performance of the TACSO programme (in its three phases), paying particular attention to its different levels of results measured against its expected objectives; and the reasons underpinning such results
  • key lessons learned, conclusions and related recommendations in order to improve current and future interventions.

 Western Balkans

 Albania, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Kosovo, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Serbia, Türkiye


 2024 54,581
Appraisal of the “Forestry, Land Use and Value Chains Development in Tanzania” (FORLAND) programme
The appraisal assessed the feasibility of the new draft programme, called “Forestry, Land Use and Value Chains Development in Tanzania” (FORLAND). It offered a thorough assessment of the draft project document's potential to serve as a practical and achievable guide for programme implementation.



 2018 - 2024 2,437,761
Building Resilience to Climate Change in Papua New Guinea: Project Implementation Support Consultants
The Government of Papua New Guinea has obtained a Grant from the Asian Development Bank to implement the proposed “Building Resilience to Climate Change (BRCC - the project). The project will help implement PNG’s Strategic Program for Climate Resilience (SPCR) 1 aimed at achieving transformational change in addressing the current and future threats from climate change and related hazards. This will be achieved by mainstreaming climate resilience into development planning and addressing country priorities that focus on vulnerable communities of Bougainville, East New Britain, Manus, Milne Bay and Morobe provinces comprising 21 priority vulnerable islands/atolls identified through a participatory process across four sectors including (i) infrastructure, (ii) natural resources, (iii) health, and (iv) agriculture, against potential impacts from climate change and variability++.
The project impact is: increased resilience to the impacts of climate change and climate variability. The outcome is: improved capacities of vulnerable islands/atoll communities, government agencies, and civil society to plan and respond to the impacts of climate change. The direct beneficiaries include approximately 13,000 inhabitants of the 21 vulnerable islands. The nationwide benefits include increased capacity to manage climate change risks through establishment of early warning systems, access to finance by communities, and development of national databases and knowledge management systems.
The purpose of this assignment is to support the Project Management Unit (PMU) in
  • Project implementation and administration
  • Developing the necessary capacity development including training and transfer of skills to PMU personnel to improve their project management and implementation skills, and
  • Strengthening CCDA’s overall capacity for future management and implementation of similar projects.

 Papua New Guinea


 2022 - 2024 284,000
Support to the implementation of EU Working Better Together and Team Europe Initiatives in Zimbabwe
The overall objective of the contract is to enhance overall effectiveness and visibility of the Team Europe approach in Zimbabwe.



 2021 - 2024 349,950
Visibility and Communication Service Contract – EUTF programmes
The service aims at developing visibility and promotional products and actions in order to increase visibility of the EUTF programmes and to deliver key messages related to the EUTF portfolio in Ethiopia to the general public, decision makers and other relevant stakeholders both in Ethiopia and in Europe.
The service has to be undertaken in close cooperation with the European Union Delegation, the Ethiopian Government including its regional bureaus when necessary, the beneficiaries and Implementing Agencies.
The geographical area to be covered by the service contract are all the regions targeted by the EUTF interventions (Addis Ababa,Tigray, Afar, Somali and Gambella regional states, among others).
The target groups are ample and varied, although it is expected to reach mainly the general public and more specifically, policy makers, government officials, development partners, and all relevant stakeholders working on or interested in irregular migration and forced displacement , job creation, private sector development, access to basic services (education, health, water among others, social cohesion and peace building.



 2023 - 2024 57,828
Project appraisal: Strengthening inclusive education system in support of Ethiopia's general education sectoral programme
The purpose of the appraisal was to assess the feasibility of the Programme as defined in the draft Programme Document. The Programme that was appraised will focus on capacity development for inclusive education.



 2022 - 2024 14,442
The overall objective of the project of which this contract will be a part of is as follows:
Under the overall authority of the Support to Peace and Security in the SADC Region (SPSS) Programme Coordinator and the Senior Officer of the SADC Politics and Diplomacy Sector, the individual consultant will undertake an assessment on the progress and challenges in building and consolidating gender sensitive social cohesion at regional and national levels.

 SADC region



 2022 - 2024 414,128
Evaluation of Budget Support in Albania
This evaluation had two overarching objectives. Firstly, to provide the relevant external co-operation services of the European Union (EU) and the wider public with an overall independent assessment of the EU's budget support operations during the evaluation period in Albania. And secondly, to identify key lessons and to produce recommendations to inform the responsible decision makers, notably in DG NEAR and the EEAS, on how to improve the budget support operations of the EU.



 2022 - 2024 487,880
Budget Support Evaluation of EU support to Jamaica
This evaluation had two overarching objectives. Firstly, to provide the relevant external co-operation services of the European Union (EU) and the wider public with an overall independent assessment of the EU's past and current budget support operations in Jamaica. And secondly, to identify key lessons and to produce recommendations in order to inform the responsible decision makers, notably in DG INTPA and the EEAS, on how to improve the current and future budget support operations of the EU.



 2019 - 2024 1,369,050
Development of environmental monitoring and information system
The purpose of this contract is to strengthen the capacities for monitoring, data collection, data management and reporting through establishment of national environmental information system and monitoring network structure

 North Macedonia


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