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 2019 - 2024






 Governance, Monitoring & Evaluation, Training

Policy Support Facility for the Implementation of Foreign Policy (Lot 2: Technical Assistance)

The Policy Support Facility (PSF) is foreseen within The PI Multiannual Indicative Programme 2018-2020 to support the Union's relations with key partner countries. Such a facility is needed to respond to the dynamic and fast changing global environment that EU policies are being confronted with and to promote EU interests in a timely manner.
The PSF is one of the Partnership Instrument’s implementation modalities, providing responsiveness to emerging needs and priorities, and a flexible implementation modality. The PSF aims to support (existing) policy dialogues between the EU and partner countries in areas such as global challenges, the international dimension of the “Europe 2020” strategy, to facilitate economic relations with partner countries and to support public diplomacy. It will complement/support the external dimension of internal policies conducted under the other EU political programmes and instruments.
For the purpose of the Policy Support Facility, this Global Framework Contract (FWC) was put into place. Indeed, many European Commission Directorate Generals need shorter and more targeted quick actions rather than standalone, extensive projects/programmes to support the external dimension of their policy agenda. They are therefore interested in short-term targeted support and need a tool that can accommodate rapidly developing policy dialogues and priorities.
Policy sectors covered by this FWC: Environment, natural resources, biodiversity and sustainable water management; Raw materials; Energy; Climate change; Smart, sustainable and green growth; Research, development and innovation; Industry and SMEs; Regulatory cooperation and standards harmonisation; Employment and social policy; Education and training; Judicial cooperation; Migration and mobility; Foreign policy/security; Disinformation and societal resilience; Health and consumer safety;Digital; Economic and financial affairs; Transport; Governance, human rights and democracy; Maritime policy; Culture and creativity;Tourism; Citizens’ rights


 Particip (Lead), AENOR, CEPS, Health Focus GmbH, Idem Concept, SUEZ