Project reference


Contract duration

 2016 - 2019






 Communication & media, Education

ENPI — Development and implementation of TVET II programme visibility and communication strategy

The purposes of this contract are as follows:
  • To provide all possible support for the effective implementation of the project, to increase
project activities’ visibility and to present the achievements of the project to a wide audience. It
is crucial to establish strong lines of communication and information-sharing with all
stakeholders in order to coordinate and adjust activities towards achieving the overall project
  • To develop a visibility and communication strategy and plan to help in the achievement of
TVET II programme objectives through various activities that supports the programme and
reach the target groups of the project.
Results to be achieved by the Contractor
  • Formulation and implementation of Visibility and Communications strategy and plan for TVET
II Programme.
  • Organization of awareness raising campaigns, events, Market place, roundtable discussions,
press conferences, briefing sessions, interviews.
  • Development of communication materials for marketing and awareness-raising campaigns,
including briefing materials and press releases and produce all project's printings including:
designing and editing the leaflets, reports, articles and press releases; information material
produced (leaflet, brochure); Project identity produced (folder, report cover, etc.), and any other
required printing material for the marketing and awareness raising for the project.
  • Conduct feedback surveys on information and communication activities and materials produced
by the PIU and publish the results.
  • Provide reports on assignments, for proper utilization of accumulated data and information.
Develop, support and manage web site, Social Medias including all online communication


 CID (Lead), Particip