Assistance technique pour soutenir la transition à Bangsamoro (SUBATRA)

Consultant for training with special focus on diplomatic protocol, engagements and etiquette

Poste de travail

Description du projet

The purpose of SUBATRA is to contribute to a smooth and timely undertaking of the transition through capacity building of the 3 branches of the Bangsamoro Government to promote an enabling good governance environment with a focus placed on capacities that are critical for a sound functioning of interim institutions, more specifically on the;

  • Capacity of the BTA’s executive branch superstructure to impulse and coordinate key transitional policies and capacity of Governance line ministries to deliver basic services (output 1)
  • Capacity of the Parliament to exercise its law making, oversight functions and representation functions (output 2),
  • Capacity of the Justice System to adjudicate litigations and improve access to justice (output 3) and,
  • Capacity of the civil society to contribute to a peaceful transition (output 4).
This mission mainly supports the achievement of output 1 Component 1 : Improved capacity of the executive branch superstructure to impulse and monitor transitional policies, more especially it will address Result 1.1: Enhanced capacity of the OCM to lead Government work.

Description de poste

Overall Objective

The overall objective of this consultancy work is to provide the Office of the Chief of Staff to the opportunity to improve understanding, skills and competencies in handling diplomatic protocol work. More specifically, at the end of the training participants should have been equipped with adequate knowledge and acquired proficiency in the following areas of interest.

  1. The various aspects and principles of Official and Diplomatic Protocol in the international scene;
  2. Image and Communication Skills Enhancement, Social Graces, and Diplomatic Protocol as practiced and adopted by the highest in the Philippine government bureaucracy; and
  3. Diplomatic protocols Contextualized roles and functions of protocol adaptive to the culture, and the Bangsamoro parliamentary system and structure of governance.
 The consultant shall work in close coordination with the Office of the Chief of Staff and SUBATRA technical Assistance Team Key Expert on Governance and Project Development Expert.

Scope of Work

The NKE is tasked with executing the following responsibilities with professionalism and adherence to accepted standards:
  • Preparation and administration of pre-test instrument/s;
  • Preparation of Training design, methodology in the delivery of pre-identified areas of interest and the presentation materials;
  • Actual conduct of the training on the assigned topics and provision of reference materials; and
  • Conduct of post-test and facilitation for the preparation of OCOS re-entry plan. The primary inputs of the consultant will be produced in close coordination with the office of the Chief of Staff and SUBATRA Technical Assistance Team.

Conditions requises

General qualification and skills
- Graduate studies/degree in any field of Social Science, Foreign Service and relevant experience in the field of diplomacy, communications and foreign service.
- Passer of the Board for Foreign Service in the Department of Foreign Affairs is an advantage.
- Expert in spoken and written English.Fluency/ Knowledge of at least one local language is desirable but not required

General professional experience
At least 10 years of experience in governmental service at the national level, with strong competencies in diplomacy, governmental and foreign relations.
- Experience working as trainer or RESOURCE PERSON at Foreign Service Institute (FSI) of the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) on Official and Diplomatic Protocol, VVIP Courtesies, International Conferences and/or at the Presidential Protocol (Office of the President) is advantage
- Experience working with development partners and multilateral agencies will be desirable.

Specific professional experience
At least 10 years of experience working in government with strong competencies in foreign services, protocol, diplomacy, governmental and foreign relations, and international conferences.
- Experience in working with governments at the National Government and/or at the Bangsamoro in at least a senior-level position in government;
- Extensive knowledge and experience in government protocols at the national and international level, and public communication and image building.

Informations supplémentaires

Location and duration

The place of posting of the consultant shall be in Metro Manila where the training will be conducted. The assignment is expected to start within the month of May 2024, and conclude on or before end of the same month or upon execution of conclusion of the training. Particip reserves the right to postpone the start or end date of the assignment in consultation with the partner agency, consultants and host agency if deemed necessary.

 ASEAN region, Asia


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Durée de la mission

01/05/2024 - 31/05/2024

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Pour postuler, veuillez contacter Francesca Ferrari en remplissant le formulaire ci-dessous.

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