Project reference


Contract duration

 2017 - 2020






 Communication & media, Environment, Industry & private sector development, Infrastructure

Georgia Solid Waste Management Project - Stakeholder Participation Programme, Environmental & Social Action Plan and Solid Waste Management Plans

Georgia signed its Association Agreement with the European Union (“EU”) in 2014, which includes obligations to improve solid waste management throughout the country.
The assignment supported the implementation of a Stakeholder Participation Programme, the implementation of an Environmental and Social Action Plan (“ESAP”) as well as providing support to the Municipalities to prepare Municipal Waste Management Plans.
The objectives of the Assignment were to:
  • Enhance public ownership and awareness of solid waste management, increasing public participation in the provision of solid waste services and raising public awareness on issues related to the project implementation. Furthermore, the SPP integrated poverty and social issues into the tariff scenario analysis.
  • Provide expertise required to implement the ESAP, comply with EBRD Environmental and Social Performance Requirements and to keep EBRD updated on progress of ESAP implementation and to ensure adherence to national labour and safety regulations and standars when operating and maintaining solid waste collection vehicles
  • Support the Municipalities to prepare Municipal Waste Management Plans, as required by the Waste Management Code and Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources Protection.
  • Provision of trainings on the following issues: adherence to the national labour and safety regulations and standards when operating and maintaining the SW vehicles; safe driving practices; registration, investigation and reporting of all safety incidents and accidents; and safe storage of the SW vehicles


 Particip (Lead), Enviroplan, GEO