Project reference


Contract duration

 2016 - 2020






 Agriculture, Communication & media

ENPARD Communication Unit phase II

The overall objective of the project of is to raise awareness of EU support to and impact on agricultural and rural development in Georgia.
The purposes of this contract is to communicate to Georgian citizens and the international community about the EU support, the achievements in agriculture sector reform in Georgia through the ENPARD programme and the importance of agriculture sector reform in regards to the economic development of Georgia.
Results to be achieved by the Consortium are to update the ENPARD communication strategy and plan based on lessons learnt, good results and blue- prints developed under the project ENPARD Communication Unit 2013-2015, to carry out communication activities to enhance EU/ENPARD visibility and ensure that the impact of ENPARD is well understood, and to coordinate the communication of all the ENPARD’s components and implementers.


 Action Global (Lead), Particip