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 2015 - 2019






 Monitoring & Evaluation

Multi-Country Results Oriented Monitoring (ROM) in Western Balkans and Turkey

Results Oriented Monitoring (ROM) reviews aim to assist the European Commission’s services and EU Delegations in monitoring of and reporting on EU financed development and cooperation projects and programmes in third countries through independent reviews of the progress of their implementation and the achievement of project results. Compared to the ROM reviews conducted over the past decade, ROM reviews will proceed on a number of reforms that aim to improve the quality and the focus in coverage of the ROM reviews and take into account the high level of devolution reached over the past decade for project preparation and monitoring tasks to EUDs at field level.
The ROM reviews and support missions to be carried out are the following:
  • ROM reviews of projects signalled as having implementation problems and where EC services have identified a need for an outside expert review to assist in addressing the problems, identifying causes and options for solution and making recommendations. The reviews may take place during the first year of implementation but also at a later stage, depending on when the project or programme is identified as having implementation problems.
  • ROM reviews of other projects for which such ROM reviews may have a particular usefulness, in particular for projects which could not be included in the EUDs’ planning of field visits or for which the necessary sector expertise at EUD level may not be sufficiently available at a given point of time or for innovative projects.
  • ROM reviews of BS programmes: in countries where a BS programme is signalled as having implementation problems, a ROM review may be organized focusing on the programme in question for the sector specific aspects but also covering the Public Financial Management (PFM) and macroeconomics aspects of all BS programmes financed by the EU in the country. During the first contractual year, ROM reviews for BS programmes will be focused on a limited number of programmes with the aim to test the approach and methodology developed.
  • ROM support to end of project reporting on results (outputs and direct outcomes), including for BS programmes. These ROM support missions are to take place no later than the first quarter of each calendar year to assist EC services and EUD in strengthening their results reporting capacities in: assisting with the recording actual results achieved by projects and programmes that have come to an end in the specified calendar year, solving technical difficulties that may occur linked to results reporting, and identifying the systemic needs and modalities for improvement which may be needed in these areas. The ROM support to end of project results reporting missions are to focus on projects of EUR 1.000.000 or more.


 Particip (Lead), GOPA, Stantec USA (ex-MWH)