Project reference


Contract duration

 2023 - 2024




 Africa (Eastern)


 Civil society

Resilience Assessments in Support of Programming in the Horn of Africa region

With a view to supporting the programming in the Horn of Africa region, and in particularly in support of resilience-building components of the EU’s external action, the overall objective of a Resilience Assessment and Roadmap creation is to:
a) identify,
b) address,
c) and take action
on structural causes of fragility and potential shocks, as well as opportunities for resilience building in the Horn of Africa region; operationalizing, improving and strengthening EU resilience-focused interventions and providing a vision on what specific strategic, policy, programming, design and implementation changes are needed to strengthen resilience in a specific context.
To this end, the expert(s), in conjunction with INTPA G5, will provide technical assistance to Delegations to conduct resilience assessments and develop resilience roadmaps, highlighting which resilience dimensions should be targeted and how to best target them.
The specific objectives of the project are:
SO 1: To provide technical assistance to EU Delegations in the Horn of Africa region to highlight those structural causes of fragility that could potentially be transformed into effective resilience-building opportunities to improve ongoing and planned EU actions.
SO 2: To develop regional/national resilience roadmap(s) linking relevant resilience results chain indicators to existing national plans on the one hand and to national/regional SDGs on the other hand, in order to measure evidence based progress.