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Contract duration

 2024 - 2026






 Agriculture, Communication & media, Environment, Forestry, Trade

Traceability for export products and sustainability in Colombia

Global Objective
Strengthen the EU’s engagement with Colombia on external impacts of EU Green Deal policies and regulatory frameworks, with emphasis on the regulation on deforestation and forest degradation, through the use of EU’s digital tools.
Specific Objective(s)
  • Engage with key stakeholders in Colombia to enhance understanding of the objective and content ofthe identified regulations, with emphasis on deforestation and forest degradation. The regulation onCarbon Border Mechanism Adjustment, the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD), theupcoming Corporate Sustainability Due Diligence Directive, etc. could as well be subject of furtherengagement with Colombian stakeholders;
  • Identify the necessary steps to either implement or support already existing effective traceability systems for Colombian exports to the EU market, taking into account the deforestation and forest degradation regulation;
  • Identify the most relevant and cost-efficient space-based technologies and data, including their combination and taking into account existing traceability systems, to be used to support Colombia’s efforts to comply with the zero-deforestation supply chain regulation in the most affected value chains, especially coffee, palm oil and/or cocoa. Among these, the most
  • Promote the use of already available technological tools within the public and private sector alike, in particular Copernicus-based imagery and support the development of ad-hoc services through the Copernicus Regional centres in Chile and Panama or through the JRC and the European Union Space Programme Agency-EUSPA.
  • Identify, promote and support pilot projects and use cases to demonstrate the potential of using satellite-based technologies to develop traceability systems facilitating compliance with the Regulation as well as in other areas such as environmental protection and environmental .
  • Support outreach efforts towards the main stakeholders to increase awareness among the main private and public stakeholders over the tools offered by the EU in support of Colombia and promote the uptake of EU Space technologies.
  • Support the dialogue on space-based services with institutions, companies, academics, and CSOs through the organisation of high-level events, the creation and animation ofcrosssectoralnetworks and promote synergies with similar EU-funded actions. Complement and supporting the uptake of initiatives like Copernicus Academy, Copernicus Relays, EU Global Action on Space, EU-LAC Digital Alliance amongst others.


 Particip (Lead), Idem Concept