Project reference


Contract duration

 2024 - 2028


Expected Particip Turnover: EUR 206.428,00


 America (South)



Technical assistance for institutional strengthening of national environmental and forestry governance entities in Paraguay

The Forest4Life Paraguay Action within the framework of which the required services will be contracted, aims to preserve and restore biodiversity by fighting against deforestation and promoting the sustainable management of forests.
It will focus on the following areas of intervention: (i) improving preparedness, prevention and capabilities to reduce the incidence and extent of extreme wildfires. (ii) strengthening the management and conservation of forests and other key ecosystems in three selected protected areas. (iii) promotion of sustainable forestry, livestock and agriculture practices, and the respective value chains in the buffer zones around the three protected areas selected.
The services consist of the provision of technical assistance to public entities
beneficiaries to reduce the incidence and extent of extreme forest fires. It is expected
also to generate awareness at different levels, increase capacities, teach new
skills, and incorporate technology for forest fire management (estimation, prevention,
risk reduction, preparedness, response, rehabiliton and reconstruction/restoration).


 DAI Global Belgium (Lead), DFS, Particip