Project reference


Contract duration

 2024 - 2027





Implementation of the Strategic Communications Plan of the Delegation of the EU to the Philippines

Overall Objective
The overall objective to which this action contributes is:
To enhance the EU's reputation and influence as a strategic and reliable partner to the Philippines,
through more effective communication and visibility of EU's principles and values, external policies
and actions, by implementing the Strategic Communications Plan of the Delegation of the EU to the
Specific Objective
The specific objectives (Outcomes) of this contract are as follows:
  • Raise Awareness and Understanding on the European Union’s plans, programs, projects, and activities, amongst the general public in the Philippines, to elicit interest and support in its key areas of work on trade, development cooperation, peace and security, human rights, and climate and sustainability and fostering a clearly identifiable brand for the EU in the Philippines, anchored in the concept of partnership and the alignment of strategic interests with those of the Philippines.
  • Increase the EU Delegation’s profile with government stakeholders and institutional development partners to effectively champion and deepen the EU’s mutual partnerships with the Philippines.
  • Improve the capacity of the EU Delegation to the Philippines to handle its strategic communications (a decision-making structures and teams to handle communications are set up, general awareness of staff about communications objectives and key messages, and improved knowledge of staff on the use of tools relevant to produce photos, to communicate with media, improve engagement and alignment of communications by implementing partners, etc.)
  • Outcome
    • Output 1: A social media campaign is designed and implemented.
    • Output 2: Graphic design/audiovisual production: Produced relevant and relatable imagery to be used across all communication channels to connect with the audience and convey the EU's brand identity. Ensure the visibility of the EU's brand elements in all communication materials and collaterals of projects programs, and activities supported by the EU by reiterating clear branding guidelines that internal and external partners must follow. Production of collaterals/promotionals for general public, and some specifically for high-level dignitaries. Design and printing of visibility materials.
    • Output 3 (also contributes to Outcome 2): Writing/reporting/seeding: Prepare stories to be pitched to the media organizations that illustrate the impact of the EU’s work on individuals, communities, and the country. These stories can help make the EU’s work more relatable and emotionally resonant andwill sometimes include the development of the articles, or the photographs video coverage, or cover mobilisation costs of journalists.
    • Output 4 (also contributes to Outcome 2): Event Organizing: Organize national and local events to promote the EU's work in the Philippines in collaboration with existing institutional and development partners. It may include developing project-level IEC activities that may be used to promote the extent of EU’s assistance in a variety of areas to the country.
    • Output 5 (also contributes to Outcome 2): Influencer/Key Opinion Leaders Partnerships: Identify and help manage-from a communications perspective-collaborations with influencers (general public) or key opinion leaders (general public + key stakeholders) to create conversations about the EU's priority areas of work. These individuals can help reach new audiences and increase engagement with the EU's content.
    • Output 6 (also contributes to Outcome 2): On the basis of the KPIs identified under the Strategic Communications Plan to be provided by the Delegation (the Contractor can propose revisions on the basis of expert advice) set up an ongoing monitoring framework. The monitoring framework will include the monthly revision of performance analytics of social media platforms; regular social listening/social media scans, and two brand perception surveys. Progress against KPIs will be reported monthly.
  • Outcome
    • Output 1: Developing Thought Leadership through podcasts: Produce podcasts in partnership with Filipino podcast creators that examine and deep dive into issues related to EU policies, plans, programs, (e.g. trade, human rights, development cooperation, sustainability, climate change, gender equality, etc.).
    • Output 2: Media Events and Coverage: Organise workshops/lunches, etc. to brief media on the EU and its role in the Philippines, or on newsworthy developments, organise press conferences to talk about pressing issues and topics within the EU’s priority areas of support. Prepare dossiers with relevant data, case studies, or expert opinions to help journalists portray the EU’s activities in a compelling way.
  • Outcome 3
    • Output 1: Communications Training: Organise and deliver at least two training workshops for EUD staff - per year (primarily programme managers but also other EUD staff). Training needs will be assessed regularly and the assessment will inform the preparation of the training workshops. The EUD has already pre-identified the following indicative needs: 1) knowledge of the messaging used by the EUD and the need to stay on message; 2) how to define realistic objectives for sector/topic-related communication and visibility activities; 3) drafting of speaking points for public events (preparing speeches, interviews, interaction with journalists/media events); 4) engaging with social media: designing/writing effective posts and analysing impact; 5) use of apps and other tools to produce attractive content; 6) cellphone photography/videography for social media; 7) assessing the communication and visibility plan of programmes and projects; 8) media coaching; 9) understanding the sensitivities associated to visibility and communication work; managing and mitigating risks. The Contractor will also provide on–demand, real time tutoring/advice to EUD staff in preparation to, during, and after field visits, events and outreach activities.
    • Output 2: Communications training for grants/projects funded by the EU, and for EU Member States engaged in Team Europe Initiatives: the Contractor will review a representative sample of projects/programmes' communication and visibility plans and conduct up to two training workshops per year for the communication and visibility focal points of EU funded programmes and projects (implementers), to support them in the implementation of quality communication and visibility actions (focus on storytelling, production of quality visuals, putting people at the center, need to mainstream gender in our communications, etc.).; develop synergies amongst programmes and project's visibility and communication actions; ensure coherence with the overarching communication and visibility strategy of the EUD.