Project reference


Contract duration

 2022 - 2024





Early Childhood Education for Jordanian and Syrian Children in Jordan

The project focuses on improving access to Early Childhood Education for all children with a focus on vulnerable children: refugees and children with disabilities.
  • Module objective 1 focuses on supporting the public Kindergarten (KG) system to increase KG offers through MoE support, infrastructure rehabilitation and the creation of a child-friendly learning environment.
  • Module objective 2 aims to improve the preconditions for a sustained increase in KG places in private non-profit institutions through supporting them in devising sustainable strategies for expansion.
  • Module objective 3’s main focus is improving the access to KG for vulnerable children aged 4-6 years in selected communities or camps. This output focuses on refugee children and children with disabilities or special learning needs.
Particip sets up and manages a flexible short-term expert pool to contribute to all three Outputs and to achieve defined indicators with the respective deliverables.


 Particip (Lead), CADER, VBJK