Project reference


Contract duration

 2022 - 2024


(3,696,720 USD)




 Health, Monitoring & Evaluation

Third Party Monitoring Service for the Basic and Essential Package of Health Services of UNICEF Supported Health Facilities in Afghanistan - 2022-2023

The overall objective of the TPM of the primary health care (PHC) and secondary health care (SHC) at PHC/BPHS and SHC/EPHS facilities is to independently verify the implementation process, results of the project by the contracted SPs in the supported health facilities and service delivery points and verification at the community level. In particular, the TPM does:
  • Monitor Health Facility Functionality
  • Conduct HMIS Data and Community verification
  • Monitor Quality of Care
  • Conduct Drug Procurement, Distribution and Storage Assessment
Furthermore, focused assessments will be carried out to verify that health workers received trainings provided by third parties. Finally, assessments of training and protocols on gender-based violence will be conducted at EPHS facilities.


 Particip (Lead), HPRO, KIT - Royal Tropical Institute