Project reference


Contract duration

 2022 - 2025





Third Party Monitoring & Evaluation III - EUTF

Purpose 1
  • To carry out independent monitoring of ongoing EUTF priority projects in Somalia in order to: Carry out visits to project sites (spot checks) especially on problematic EUTF funded priority projects
  • Verify and monitor if programme activities are being implemented in line with approved framework (logframe) in terms of relevance, efficiency, effectiveness, sustainability Verify data provided by the implementing partners
  • Monitor whether EU visibility is ensured by the projects in accordance with the contractual obligations
  • Verify and monitor if cross-cutting issues such as gender, the environment and special needs are being taken into account during project implementation.
  • Establish whether beneficiaries and targeted populations are satisfied with the results and services provided, including; numbers of beneficiaries, preferably sex and age disaggregated (where relevant)
Purpose 2
  • To provide recommendations on all aspects of project implementation and progress in order for the EU to better understand the various aspects affecting project implementation and delivery and adopt the remedial measures. More specifically, the purpose is:
  • To identify challenges and remedial measures e.g. logframe revisions, activity adjustments
  • To verify compliance with EU procurement procedures and where relevant carryout technical audit to reduce fraudulent cases
  • To provide sector wide linkages, achievements, lessons learned, recommendations to inform future programmes
Purpose 3
  • To carry out specific monitoring of how thematic issues are being addressed at project level and upon request by the EU Delegation.


 Particip (Lead), Dansom