Project reference


Contract duration

 2021 - 2024




 Africa (Northern)



Support with gender mainstreaming in the European Union's cooperation programmes in Tunisia - Phase II

The overall objective of this contract is to improve gender mainstreaming, including gender equality and women's empowerment, in the European Union's cooperation programs in Tunisia.
The specific objectives of this contract are:
1. To contribute to the taking into account of the objectives and indicators of the GAP 3 in the annual and multi-annual programming of the EUD in Tunisia to go towards the achievement of the target of 85% of the projects and programs with G Marker G1 or G2.
2. Contribute to the coordination, monitoring and reporting on FPIC implementation and support the integration of gender into other strategic documents of the EUD and the MS (such as the civil society support roadmap).
3. Support the institutional communication activities of the DUE Tunisia on the gender theme.
4. Deliver ad hoc training and coaching sessions to the staff of the EUD and possibly the MS.