Project reference


Contract duration

 2022 - 2026


contracted budget in CHF: 2.496.767,- CHF





Mandate of operator for the general coordination and technical assistance to the partners of the AGORA Programme, Phase 1: 01.06.2022-31.05.2026

The Programme of Support to Local Governance and the Strengthening of Territorial Attractiveness
Attractiveness (AGORA) aims to ensure that women, men, youth and children have access to quality basic public services in attractive and secure territories that offer a sustainable environment, through the creation of conditions conducive to local economic development.
Specific outcomes:
  • Outcome 1: The municipalities have strengthened competencies in production engineering and delivery of quality and equitable basic public services, in a sustainable, attractive, secure and cross-border cooperation environment.
  • Outcome 2: The territorial areas have framework conditions that are attractive to economic actors and favourable to local development.
  • Outcome 3: The legal, political and institutional environment is favourable to strengthening
The program will strengthen partners at both the macro and meso levels. These are the ministries in charge of decentralization, the internal affairs, and the environment through their technical structures dealing with the targeted sectors: the National Association of Communes of Benin (ANCB), the Prefectures of Borgou, Alibori, Atacora, and Donga, two (3) regional associations at the heart of the program's implementation, AD├ęCoB, APlDA, and ACAD, which cover twenty-seven (27) communes. Each of these actors has an annual work plan containing actions related to the objectives of the program.
PARTICIP-REID CARE's mandate specifically revolves around the overall operational and strategic coordination and monitoring of the Program, accompaniment, training and capacity building of the program's actors, and capitalization and management of the Program's knowledge.


 Particip (Lead), Reid Consulting