Project reference


Contract duration

 2024 - 2028






 Elections, Governance, Human rights, Justice/Rule of Law, Project implementation / Technical Assistance

Framework Contract Services for the Implementation of External Aid (FWC SEA 2023), Lot 9: Democracy, Human Rights, Rule of Law, Gender Equality and Human Rights Based Approach (HRBA)

The objective of the FWC is to provide, via individual assignments defined and contracted through Specific Contracts, expertise which can be mobilised at short notice. The quality of the services, which may make use of expertise either internal or external to the Framework Contractor, must be guaranteed by the Framework Contractor who will provide the appropriate internal technical skills and resources.
The FWC has no funds on its own. The main instrument within external action is the Neighbourhood, Development and International Cooperation Instrument - Global Europe (NDICI-Global Europe).
The implementation duration (not exceeding 48 months) and the contractual amount (not exceeding € 1,999,999) are fixed for each individual assignment.
The thematic division is articulated according to the priority areas of the EU International Partnerships and Lot 9 focuses on the following sectors:
  • Human Rights Based Approach (HRBA)
  • Human Rights
  • Support to democratisation
  • Reinforcement of the rule of law and administration of justice
  • Public administration reform and organisational development of public institutions
  • Elections
  • Gender equality and women’s empowerment