Project reference


Contract duration

 2021 - 2024


USD 406,932.40



Somalia Crisis Recovery Project - Independent Verification Agent (IVA)

The Somalia Crisis Recovery Project is a flood and disaster recovery, and reconstruction project financed by the World Bank to the Federal Ministry of Finance (MOF). It will support immediate and sustainable flood recovery and finance activities to mitigate against future shocks, by supporting: (a) immediate early floods recovery and service delivery restoration activities; (b) immediate support activities to respond and mitigate COVID 19; (c) medium-term rehabilitation of flood-impacted infrastructure, services and livelihoods; (d) elements of immediate and longer-term crisis preparedness and recovery; (e) detailed flood risk management plans, including both structural and non-structural flood risk management solutions for the country; and (f) support to enhance government performance and accountability and citizen engagement in service delivery.
The overall objective of the assignment is to provide independent review of project implementation and verification of all project results.
The project components include:
  • Component 1: Immediate basic services and livelihood support for early recovery
  • Component 2: Medium-term flood recovery
  • Component 3: Longer-term disaster risk management and preparedness
  • Component 4: Project Management
  • Component 5: Contingency Emergency Response Component
The Project’s early recovery and locust preparedness activities will likely take six to twelve months to complete, while an overall four-year project duration is proposed to: (a) allow the completion of infrastructure activities to building-back-better standards; (b) allow time for the FGS-Federal Member State (FMS) project management arrangements to become functional, and (c) support longer-term resilience building and risk management within Government. The Project will follow a rigorous prioritization and sequencing exercise based on the needs identified in the FINA, to identify state-level annual investment plans.


 Particip (Lead), Dansom