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Contract duration

 2021 - 2025






 Agriculture, Civil society, Communication & media, Environment, Governance, Rural and urban development, Trade

Technical Assistance for EU-Kenya Dialogue Facility

The overall objective of the project is to promote sustainable and inclusive development by strengthening the cooperation and partnership dialogue between the European Union (EU), its Member States and the Republic of Kenya. The purpose of the assignment is to enhance the partnership, dialogue, joint analysis and exchange of experience between Kenya, the European Union’s and the EU Member States’, identifying common strategic interests in prioritised areas, outlining ways forward, strengthening the concepts and image of cooperation.
As part of its scope, the project supports the implementation of the following:
a) The High Level Strategic Dialogue between the European Union and the Republic of Kenya,
launched on 21 June 2021
b) The Kenya MIP 2021-2027, setting out the EU priority areas for Kenya
c) Developmental actions emancipating from the negotiations for an Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA)
d) The Team Europe Initiatives on the Green Deal and the Human-Centered Digitalization
e) The Global Gateway
f) Public diplomacy activities, including on the Global Gateway and on the Delegation’s strategic communication objectives, in line with the new EU guidelines on strategic communication 2022
Results being achieved:
  • Result 1: Improved sectoral and crosscutting policy dialogue between the European Union, its Member States and Kenya with an increase in awareness and understanding of relations, including political, development, trade, investments, social and people to people relations,
  • Result 2: Communication with and outreach to the Government of Kenya, European Union and its Member States representations in Kenya, external partners and other actors, and appropriate visibility of the partnership. This result will be achieved in coordination with the ongoing Communication and Visibility contract;
  • Result 3: Policy dialogue plans and projects are managed and supported effectively.
Projects implemented via the Dialogue Facility include the following (project no. and title):
1 Concept note for the EU-Kenya Trade and Investment Conference
2 Narrative for the Team Europe (TE) Initiative on a Human-Centred Digitalization in Kenya
3 Narrative for the TE Initiative on the Green Deal with Kenya
5 Mapping of the Climate Smart and Sustainable Agricultural Value Chains' interventions of the EU and its MS and their impact towards making a Green Economy in Kenya
6 Paper and workshop on ongoing interventions in the EU Trust Fund-supported Cross-Border Programme
7 Support the development of the Kenyan Blue Economy Strategy and its outreach
10 Mapping of Civil Society Organisations (CSO) and Networks involved in the MIP and TE priority areas and way forward for a structured Dialogue with the EU in Kenya
11 Situational Analysis on potential Urban Housing Practitioners for an African Network and support the development of a Network Strategy with outreach
12 Trade for Sustainable Development Gap Analysis
13 Study on Data Protection for the Office of the Data Protection Commissioner (ODPC)
14 TradeMark Africa (TMA) Funding Analysis and Recommendations
15 Support to the EU-Kenya Business Forum - April 2023
16 Analysis of the Kenyan Government Manifesto
17 Registration of a European Business Organisation (EBO) in Kenya
18 Support to the Climate Finance pillar of the Africa Climate Summit 2023
19 Support to the Climate Resilience and Adaptation pillar of the Africa Climate Summit 2023
20 CSO Training on EU Financial Procedures (Mar 2023)
25 Moderation of the Blue Economy Session at the Kenya Devolution Conference 2023
26 Support the Review of the National Energy Policy
28 Development of a Strategic Plan (2023-2027) for the State Department for Gender and Affirmative Action
29 Technical Assistance for pre-study of EU support for a Greenhouse Gases Emissions Measurement, Reporting and Verification (MRV) System in Kenya
30 Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) sensitisation, policy paper for the creation of an EPA Domestic Advisory Group, and organization of Strategic Dialogues on Trade and Investment
33 Support to Young African Climate Leaders' Delegation to COP28 (Nov 2023)
34 Support to Post EPA Signing Event
36 Support to Children and Youth Major Group (CYMG) for the Global Youth Environment Assembly 2024 in Nairobi
38 Organization of Team Europe Initiative (TEI) Workshop on Digitilization
40 Communication Strategy: Promotion ideas and marketing strategies to deliver a winning football-themed Europe day campaign in partnership with the government of Kenya and the EU Member States
41 Support for implementation of the children’s theatre play “Leo’s search for a New Home” (creating outreach content relevant to the Green Deal TEI and campaign, the EU-Kenya Green Partnership and the UNEA6)
42 Support function for the Donors Partner Group (DPG) Secretariat
43 Media support for BlueInvest Conference
44 Support Judiciary NCAJ AC Strategy
45 Africa Digitalisation perception study
50 Launch Event for EU – Kenya Energy Project, “Green Resilient Electricity System” (May 2024)


 Particip (Lead), Tetra Tech NL