Project reference


Contract duration

 2021 - 2024





Support for communication of the European Union in Morocco

General objective
The general objective of the action is to strengthen the communication of the European Union, on knowledge about the EU and on EU activities in Morocco, their challenges and their ambitions, to ensure better visibility and a greater commitment of the population in Morocco vis-à-vis the privileged partnership between the EU and the Kingdom.
Specific objectives
The specific objectives of this contract are as follows:
  • O.P.1: Better knowledge of the EU and strengthening of the EU-Morocco relationship.
  • O.P.2: Increased awareness of the Moroccan public about EU programs, their concrete impact on the lives of citizens and on the development of the country; as well as the opportunities to benefit from them.
  • O.P.3: More structured communication from the EU to Morocco, around strategic messages, actions and communication tools.


 Stantec (Lead), Particip