Project reference


Contract duration

 2020 - 2024






 Communication & media, Governance, Management

Policy Dialogue Support Facility India

The overall objective of this project was to contribute to strengthening and expanding the EU-India strategic relationship in line with the EU Global Strategy, the EU Strategy on India, the EU-India Agenda for Action/Roadmap 2025, bilateral Summit conclusions, and other relevant agreements and documents.
The specific objectives of this project were:
  • to support the ongoing and planned sectoral EU-India policy dialogues and partnerships on topics of mutual interest; and
  • to contribute to policy convergence of EU-India policy approaches in the global arena.
The following results to be achieved were:
R1: A solid basis established operationalisation of the EU-India strategic partnership (inter alia through support provided to the sectoral policy dialogues in the form of studies, technical assistance, etc.).
R2: People-to-people contacts were strengthened.
R3: Dissemination of relevant and updated information to target audiences on the EU-India strategic partnership, and more specifically on topics of key relevance to the sectoral policy dialogues was improved.
R4: Additional thematic areas for EU-India sectoral cooperation were identified, explored, and developed.
R5: Mutual understanding, trust, and knowledge of policy objectives and strategic interests between the EU and India were further strengthened.


 Particip (Lead), CEPS, Mixorg, VO Europe SA