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Contract duration

 2020 - 2025






 Communication & media, Institutional development, Monitoring & Evaluation

Ethiopia Country Programme Monitoring and Communication Consultancy

The overall objective of the Country Programme 2018-22 is to contribute to inclusive sustainable growth and improved governance in Ethiopia by supporting the vision of building a Climate-Resilient Green Economy and reaching lower middle-income status by 2025. These are high political priorities of the Government of Ethiopia that Denmark wishes to support. The four thematic programmes through which this is to be done are the following: Agricultural Commercialisation Clusters; Coherence between humanitarian responses and development cooperation; Climate-Resilient Forest Livelihoods; and Governance and Human Rights.
At present, there are six Development Engagements (DEs), as follows:
  • Agricultural Commercialisation Clusters Programme, a partnership with the governmental Agricultural Transformation Agency (ATA). Budget: DKK 350 million. Expiry: Mid-2023
  • Productive Safety Net Programme, with the World Bank. Budget: DKK 300 million. Expiry: End 2022
  • Sustainable Livelihoods and Food Security Programme, with the World Food Programme. Budget: DKK 100 million. Expiry: End 2022
  • Climate-Resilient Forest Livelihoods Programme, with the Ministry of Finance. Budget: DKK 45 million. Expiry: Mid-2023
  • Governance and Democratic Participation Programme, with UNDP. Budget: DKK 20 million. Expiry: End 2011
  • Ensuring Gender-Responsive Democratisation and Preventing Violence against Women and Girls, with UN Women. Budget: DKK 20 million. Expiry: End 2021.
The objective of the monitoring and communication assignment is to support the Danish Embassy in Addis Ababa in
(a) establishing and facilitating a functioning monitoring and risk management system for the Country Programme and other development engagements that will help improve programme effectiveness, facilitate learning and ensure informed decisionmaking by the Embassy and its partners, and maximise transparency and accountability regarding the development of the programme;
(b) communicating to both the Ethiopian and Danish general public and certain specific target groups relevant achievements and results obtained by the Country Programme and other partnerships in the Embassy’s country portfolio.


 Particip (Lead), JaRco Consulting