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 Congo (Kinshasa)


 Governance, Human rights, Humanitarian aid, Justice/Rule of Law, Monitoring & Evaluation

Review of Findings from DRC Evaluations - Review of evaluations by other donors of development and humanitarian assistance programs in the DRC

Canada is significantly involved in the DRC through projects addressing children and youth, maternal, newborn and child health care (MNCH), security and protection, as well as governance and the advancement of democracy. Since 2006, Canada has been an important player in the DRC and in the Great Lakes Region, notably in the fight against sexual violence and holding criminals accountable.
The review covers all international assistance programming including humanitarian assistance, stabilization, and development projects. The main focus is on the most recent years in order to reflect changing contexts (2012-2018).
DRC review focuses on responsiveness and agility in fragile states, program and policy coherence, and women and girls programming.
The review will generate recommendations to improve the relevance, effectiveness, sustainability, and efficiency of programs.
At this point, PRA is planning an evaluation of Global Affairs Canada’s international assistance in the DRC in accordance with the Treasury Board Policy on Results, which requires that all departments conduct an evaluation of the relevance and performance of all ongoing programs every five years.