Project reference


Contract duration

 2018 - 2020






 Communication & media

Follow-up to the Youth Plug-In Initiative

Global objective:
The overall aim of the contract was to facilitate the first phase of follow-up to the Youth Plug-In Initiative. The aim of the follow-up process was to test innovative solutions to common challenges on both continents as presented in the AU-EU Youth Agenda.
Specific objectives:
1. Supported the EU and AU Services, in collaboration with continental youth networks, to identify and select youth to take part in the advisory process, on the basis of lessons learned from the YPII selection process;
2. Assisted in preparations for the CfP, including facilitation of a consultative meeting with youth representatives; inputs to the Guidelines of the CfP; and workplans for the six clusters;
3. Proposed and implemented a communication strategy for the AU-EU Youth Initiative;
4. Built partnerships with interested stakeholders.