Project reference


Contract duration

 2018 - 2019






 Communication & media, Environment

Technical assistance for awareness, information and communication to improve waste management practices in Georgia and the visibility of EU support to the sector

Since Georgia adopted its new Waste Code in 2015 and the development of a National Waste Management Strategy, the Georgian government has treated waste collection, safe disposal, recycling, recovery and waste management in general as top priorities. Some requirements of the new code had already been enforced, while others were expected to be enacted step-wise according to a time-bound Action Plan (2016-2020). The government’s aim was to establish a comprehensive system for waste management in line with modern standards and the EU-Georgia Association Agreement (AA) requirements.
The EU, through its Delegation in Georgia, played a significant role in supporting this field of environmental protection. However, in spite of the extensive and outstanding contribution to the waste sector development, the awareness of key target audiences and of the general public of implemented or ongoing actions in the waste sector, and of best waste management practices needed to be strengthened further.
The overall objective of this project was to increase awareness, understanding, and support for the EU and its activities in Georgia, particularly among Georgian audiences. The specific objective was to do so with particular emphasis on the EU support to improve waste management practices in the country through active participation within society.
Concretely, this has been done by raising awareness, informing, engaging and building capacity among the key audiences, and by enhancing communication and cooperation among the key stakeholders and counterparts of this initiative. This increased the visibility of the EU activities and awareness of waste related issues, while demonstrating its importance for the whole country.