Implementation of the Strategic Communications Plan of the Delegation of the EU to the Philippines

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Messaging Expert (Short term)

Project description

The Delegation to the Philippines embarked in 2023 in the design of the Strategic Communications Plan with the support of professional services. The Overall Communication Objective that should be achieved through the Plan –whose design is being finalized- is to re-assert the positioning of the EU as a strategic and reliable partner for the Philippines, a partner of reference. The present Contract will provide services and expertise that will contribute to the implementation of that Plan, monitor its results, and do any necessary adaptations. Stakeholder engagement will be governed by the branding of the EU in the Philippines based on the following elements (which are further defined in the Strategic Communications Plan, and could be further refined during the consultancy):

  • The EU is a reliable, steadfast and strategic partner that operates on a value-based platform that is largely shared with the Philippines, and has a strong commitment to addressing many of the key challenges the Philippines faces, including climate change, green recovery, rule of law, peace and security.
  • As an ally in a complex and multi-polar global order, the EU offers respectful and qualitative partnerships of equals, which connect Europe and the Philippines, creating links not dependencies.
  • The EU engages with the different stakeholders involved in the governance of a plural society: national and local government, businesses and civil society. The EU also sees the empowerment of women and youth as key for the advancement of society, and promotes their participation through its programmes/actions.
The green economy programme in the Philippines

In the Philippines, a EUR 60 million financing agreement for the green economy aims to assist the Western Pacific archipelago in sustainable economic reform, including the implementation of a circular economy to combat the impacts of the climate crisis. In 2023, European Commission president Ursula von der Leyen and Philippine President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. inked an agreement under the Global Gateway initiative, with a funding volume of EUR 466 million for green economy projects. Specifically, Pres. Von der Leyen highlighted how the Global Gateway, the EU's investment strategy for the world, will support the Philippines on its path to a sustainable future. The EU will invest in the transition to a circular economy and the generation of green energy, and will also provide expertise, training and tech transfers, because this is the way to empower local communities.Former Finance Secretary Benjamin Diokno officially signed on October 25 the financing agreement on the Green Economy Program in the Philippines – a €60-million grant which aims to support the country in areas such as circular economy, renewable energy, and climate change mitigation. The four Specific Objectives of the programme are as follows:
  • Improved formulation and implementation of circular economy and climate change policies with focus on plastics value chains;
  • Local government units, at city/municipality level, transformed from managers of waste to drivers of circular economy transition and innovation, in collaboration with the private sector and the civil society sector;
  • Private sector engaged in innovation and introduction of plastic waste reduction solutions, other climate change mitigation measures as well as skills and green jobs, allowing youth and women to thrive in circular economy; and
  • Increased energy efficiency and renewable energy deployment.

Job description

Goals and Objectives

The overall goal to which this action contributes is: To enhance the EU's reputation and influence as a strategic and reliable partner to the Philippines, through more effective communication and stakeholder engagement on the EU's principles and values, external policies and actions, by implementing the Strategic Communications Plan of the Delegation of the EU to the Philippines. Specifically, this contract will focus on the stakeholder engagement for the Green Economy Programme in the Philippines (GEPP) which involves but not limited to, national and local governments, the private sector and civil society. The specific objectives of this assignment are as follows:

  • Prepare a course for a messaging workshop that would provide an overview of the importance of crafting GEPP’s core messages based on a review of the GEPP objectives, scope and expected/actual results over its 5 year duration;
  • Conduct said course with project teams and communication focals per specific objective (SO) of GEPP in crafting the programme’s core and specific messages ;
  • Submit the core and specific messages for validation of EU and GEPP partners.
Scope of work

The assignment will cover the following tasks:
  • Review of the objectives, scope, and expected/actual results under the GEPP
  • Preparation of a course on messaging, using relevant research on or related to GEPP
  • Coordination with the Strategic Communication Team on the course to ensure comprehensiveness and validity of workshop results
  • Conduct of the actual workshop for GEPP partners
  • Submission and validation of workshop results with core and specific messages
Required Outputs/Deliverables

The assignment shall have a duration of three (3) working days
The required outputs/deliverables are as follows:
  • Course design with activities for a half-day messaging workshop that would capture key elements of GEPP’s objectives, key program characteristics, scope and factoring in results of relevant perception surveys on green and circular economy and climate change; include desktop review and analysis of existing environmental programs in the region on green and circular economy and develop recommendations for course effectiveness including scale and length of the course, ideal number of participants, theoretical structure, tools and platforms, participant commitment, expert speakers and mentoring/coaching arrangements, budget and other considerations. The design will be informed by a contextual analysis and feedback from partner agencies. The contracting agency will share analysis to inform the course design.
  • Deliver half-day course for 10-12 participants/representatives of programme partners, mainly project officers and communication focals per specific objective (SO) of GEPP in coordination with the contracting Manila team; draw on existing training materials (in various formats) and tailor based on the approved course design. The modules and relevant resources must incorporate theoretical and practical applications of communication/messaging concepts and principles. Participant diagnostic tools and relevant professional development tools must be incorporated;
  • Submission of the core and specific messages for validation of EU and GEPP partners.
At the end of the assignment the Expert will submit to Particip a final report encompassing the support provided, all deliverables produced, the challenges and the lessons learnt.


General qualification and skills

  • A University Degree in Journalism, Social Science, Economics, Development cooperation or related fields; or in its absence, additional 5 years of relevant professional experience.
  • Fluency in spoken and written English is a must
  • Knowledge of Tagalog is highly recommended
  • Knowledge of apps and tools for presentation and workshops/meetings
General professional experience
  • A minimum of 6 years of relevant experience in the field of Communications, Journalism, External Relations
  • A minimum of 6 years of relevant experience in the field of development cooperation, non-government organizations/civil society organizations
  • Experience working in the Philippines is an added value
Specific professional experience
  • Subject Matter Expertise - The trainer should possess a strong understanding of communication and the value of messaging in conducting campaigns with various audiences. The consultant must be familiar with public sector leaders, working with institutions and government agencies. The consultant/s must be able to demonstrate understanding and application of communication principles in digital and traditional campaigns using legacy media. Experience with environmental programs with a gender and human rights lens is desirable.
  • Experience in the preparation and conduct of similar workshops on messaging with international development partners
  • Experience in engaging with development agencies including in training, conducting workshops, exercises and validating results
  • Demonstrated experience as a skilled facilitator and organiser who can create an interactive, respectful and engaging learning environment for adult learners from diverse backgrounds.
  • Sound knowledge of communicating in the Philippine context, with a diverse range of audience using multiple platforms such as digital, broadcast and print

Additional information

Expected start date: June 2024
Location: Metro Manila, Philippines

 ASEAN region, Asia



Duration of assignment

01/06/2024 - 30/06/2024

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short term

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