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Facts & figures

Particip GmbH was founded in 1989 in Wehingen, Germany. In 1997, in the course of considerable growth, Particip moved with its entire staff and established headquarters in Freiburg, Germany. In 1999, we opened a branch office in Brussels, Belgium.

In 2015, Particip achieved a turnover of EUR 30 million. For 2016, we expect a turnover of EUR 43 million.

Since 1989, Particip has successfully implemented over 1,800 projects in more than 150 countries. Particip has thereby established a worldwide network of qualified international and local experts and partner organisations.

Particip currently has a staff of 48 in Freiburg, 6 in Brussels and 60 long-term staff in projects worldwide. Yearly, around 350 freelance experts are identified through a powerful database of more than 30.000 experts worldwide and contracted for a wide range of projects. Particip's multi-disciplinary staff comes from Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Greece, Morocco, Poland, Slovakia, Spain, Switzerland and UK.

The company's shareholders comprise nine independent individuals, including six senior staff.

Particip GmbH is a member of two European Economic Interest Groups (EEIG):

Particip GmbH: Turnover 2008 - 2016



  • Particip GmbH (Germany, Management of EEIG)
  • ADE s.a. (Belgium)

Chare is registered in Freiburg, Germany.



  • AEIDL Asbl (Belgium)
  • ELLE (Lativa)
  • DAI Europe (UK)
  • IDOM Sa (Spain)
  • ILE (Slovakia)
  • OREADE-BRECHE (France)
  • PARTICIP GmbH (Germany, Management of EEIG)
  • PROSPECT C&S Sa (Belgium)
  • TIMESIS Srl (Italy)

Neemo is registered in Freiburg, Germany.



  • Particip GmbH (Germany)
  • Cardno (Belgium)

CAPA is registered in Freiburg, Germany.