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Particip GmbH - Your Partner in Change was founded in 1989 and is now an independent, internationally-recognised consultancy company, offering the expertise and the know-how gained in over thousand assignments worldwide. The management of change is the central focus and raison d'être of our company.

As a multi-cultural company, our services focus on international development and include monitoring and evaluation, capacity and organisational development, technical assistance, policy advice, development of management guidelines at policy, programme and project level, and studies, surveys and analyses - all services covering a broad variety of sectors and themes.

Our inter- and multidisciplinary teams work for international organisations such as the European Commission, the World Bank, the Council of Europe, etc. as well as for a large number of national public and private organisations such as ministries and development organisations.
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Dear clients, partners and experts,

With the global Covid-19 pandemic we all face a challenge, that confronts us professionally as well as privately.

With offices in 3 countries, Germany, Belgium and Serbia, we were in the fortunate position of already having an IT infrastructure that was well prepared for working remotely. Therefore, we are in a position to offer our services reliably, making timely payments of fees and salaries as usual, and continuing with our projects in close coordination with our clients.

Despite this demanding situation we are able to successfully manage the direct impact that the pandemic has on our projects, such as lock downs, and local outbreaks. We are also making sure that our inhouse staff, as well as the experts that work for us are safe and well supported.

These are demanding times and we are glad that we can navigate them together with all of you.

We wish you all health and strength,
Johannes Walter
Managing Director

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  • Particip GmbH (Germany, Management of EEIG)
  • ADE S.A. (Belgium)

Chare is registered in Freiburg, Germany.



  • Particip GmbH (Germany, Management of EEIG)
  • AEIDL ASBL (Belgium)
  • ELLE (Latvia)
  • DAI Europe (UK)
  • IDOM S.A. (Spain)
  • ILE (Slovakia)
  • Oréade-Brèche (France)
  • Prospect C&S S.A. (Belgium)
  • Timesis Srl (Italy)

Neemo is registered in Freiburg, Germany.



  • Particip GmbH (Germany, Management of EEIG)
  • Cardno S.A. (Belgium)

CAPA is registered in Freiburg, Germany.

Corporate objectives

Nothing in this world is as certain as change. The management of change is a challenge that we at Particip are successfully committed to. Directing and shaping transformation processes is at the very core of our services.

Customer orientation

It is our goal to design and implement excellent tailor-made solutions for and together with our clients. Our criteria for performance and success are the quality of results and the lasting benefits achieved for our customers. We hereby earn and maintain both their trust and loyalty.

Professional and methodological competence

Interdisciplinary work is our day-to-day business. We draw on all fields of academia and knowledge that can inform and empower our efforts.

Staff commitment

Our firm`s most valuable asset is our people. We aim to create a working environment that combines performance-orientation with concern for the individual. Our work processes and culture enable staff members to find their individual balance between professional and private life.


Not size and growth, but the sustainability and viability of Particip is our goal.

Social responsibility

Our company constitutes an active part of society. One of our principle responsibilities towards society therefore lies in offering our staff members long-term professional and personal development prospects.

ISO certification

The concurrent management of a diverse project portfolio at Particip requires reliable, clear and efficient management structures. In order to ensure high efficiency of all relevant working processes and their continuous improvement, Particip has adopted a process oriented quality management system (QMS). The QMS sets a framework which enables Particip's teams to act in an independent and self-responsible manner satisfying customers' demands. After the first certification in 2015, the QMS was re-certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 on 15 November 2018 (see certificate).



Particip`s principle of consultancy work is based on participation in order to manage social, organisational or individual change. Technical inputs are only one important component to facilitate development. To make it sustainable, it has to be based on people. Sustainable development therefore requires a people-oriented, participatory approach to management and consultancy.

Our teams of consultants therefore integrate varied, relevant skills - namely technical skills and the socio-economic and communication skills needed to facilitate and manage a process of change. One of our strengths lies in coordinating multi-disciplinary and multi-national teams to achieve synergy effects. An open toolbox including a broad range of techniques and methods supports the teams in their work. This enables them to provide the link between the top-down and bottom-up approaches to management.

Guiding principles

Our core values enable us to maintain and enhance existing good practices while undertaking change. These principles constitute the foundation for our staff`s day-to-day decision-making.

We place great importance on maintaining close partnerships with our clients, consultancy partners and staff members. This emphasis on partnership is reflected in our company structure and culture. It finds its expression in our trademark: Particip - your partner in change.
The quest for excellence drives our cooperation with clients. We apply the highest performance and quality standards to our services and products - and to the people and processes involved in their delivery. We constantly question established concepts and further develop proven practices to achieve optimal results.
Our lively, fair and open communication enables much more than simply the exchange of information. We are constantly able to learn from difficulties by jointly addressing them in a timely fashion and through constructive dialogue. Our culture of communication encourages the solidarity and trust that is indispensable to mutual learning.
Successfully implementing change means delivering lasting results for our clients, target groups and partners. We not only advise our customers, but also support them in the implementation processes that follow their decisions. Honest and open relationships with our clients, partners and staff are the strategic foundation for our longterm success. Our ethical principles are laid down in our code of conduct. They provide us with a framework for action and enable us to achieve our goals while living our values. In this context we participate and support the Global Compact initiative of the United Nations.