Référence de projet


Durée de l'engagement

 2016 - 2019





Government Advice on Economic Development

“Government Advice on Economic Development” Programme, which was implemented by GIZ and structured into two components, aimed at the objective: “Public policy-makers promote private sector investment geared towards boosting employment”. The Consortium of Particip GmbH and Avensa Romania & Moldova was supporting through the provision of high level advice the implementation of component 1, Investment Climate. Component 1 was geared towards improving the existing legal framework, which regulates the investment and business activity in the country, stimulates direct investment thereby contributing to its economic development and further approximation to the EU market. Investment promotion should spur inclusive economic growth, the creation of jobs and contribute to increasing local labor force qualification. To this end, the component 1 aimed at supporting the development of economic policy reform proposals with the participation of private sector stakeholders.
The following short-term missions have been provided:
  • Consultancy on investment contracts between Government and private investors
  • Developing proposals to streamline Republic of Moldova’s Policy Documents Structure


 Particip (Lead), Avensa, IM Avensa