Référence de projet


Durée de l'engagement

 2023 - 2026






 Monitoring & Evaluation

Long Term Arrangement for the Provision of Third-Party Monitoring Services to UNICEF Afghanistan

The overall objective of our services is to ensure the highest standards of programme delivery across Afghanistan. Given the unique challenges posed by the country's diverse and hard-to-reach regions, TPM aims to:
  • Collect reliable field-level data
  • Provide independent verification of programme outcomes
  • Identify critical implementation issues
Key tasks TPM undertakes include:
  • Training and deploying field monitors as well as ensuring they are equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge to perform their duties effectively
  • Ensuring quality assurance
  • Implementing supervision and quality checks, including GPS-embedded reports and photos, to validate field monitoring activities
  • Submitting detailed monthly reports
By doing so, it is aimed to inform programme planning, improve delivery, and maintain accountability and transparency in all UNICEF initiatives.


 Particip (Lead)