Technical Assistance for the 11th EDF Intra-ACP Support Programme for ACP Small Island Developing States and Coastal Countries

Key Expert 1: Team leader/Project Manager and Climate Change Expert

Poste de travail

Key Expert 1:Team leader/Project Manager and Climate Change Expert (Senior Expert, minimum 800 working days)

Description du projet

ACPS SIDS and coastal countries are endowed with a huge amount of biodiversity and valuable coastal and marine ecosystems, including coral reefs, mangroves, and seagrass beds, upon which the lives and livelihoods of their populations depend. However, the persistent and steady decline of coral reef health due to the increased frequency and severity of coral bleaching events, because of climate change have negatively affected fish stocks in many OACPS SIDS and coastal countries. The adverse impacts of climate change exacerbate existing threats to the terrestrial and marine environments in OACPS SIDS and coastal countries. Given the cross-cutting and transboundary nature of the challenges, integrated, holistic, and comprehensive approaches that consider both the marine and terrestrial environments must be used to address the conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity in OACPS SIDS and coastal countries. The overall objective of the project is to contribute to the implementation of the SAMOA Pathway by supporting and improving the sustainable management, use, and conservation of coastal and marine resources and the sustainable development of OACPS SIDS and coastal countries. The specific objective of the contract will be to enhance the capacity of the Secretariat of the OACPS to achieve the aims of the Support Programme for OACPS SIDS and Coastal Countries and to fulfil its role in monitoring and coordinating the Programme in order to strengthen the capacities of members and regions of the OACPS to effectively manage coastal and marine biodiversity and enhance resilience to climate change, support regional, national and local efforts to assess, conserve, protect, manage, and sustainably use marine and terrestrial biodiversity, and strengthen coordination and communication to promote the intra-regional aspects of the programme and enhanced collaboration with programme partners for environmental sustainability. All experts must be independent and free from conflicts of interest in the responsibilities they take on. The intended start date is March 2024, and end is February 2028 in Brussels. 

Description de poste

The Team Leader will be responsible for overseeing the substantive, organisational, communicational and managerial aspects of the PMU for the technical Assistance. This includes in particular:

  • Coordinating, monitoring, and reporting on the implementation of the Support Programme for OACPS SIDS and Coastal Countries;
  • Design and implement a Knowledge Management Strategy that contributes to the achievement of the three expected results of the programme.;
  • Develop and implement communication and visibility strategy for the support programme for OACPS SIDS and Coastal Countries;
  • Collaborate with the European Union and other relevant partners, including International Financial Institutions (IFIs), to build the capacity of OACPS SIDS and coastal countries to access financing;
  • Collaborate with relevant stakeholders to identify and prepare programmes and projects that support the implementation of the SAMOA Pathway at the national and regional levels;
  • Identify relevant mechanisms to assist OACPS SIDS, which are Middle Income Countries (MICs) to access concessionary finance.
  • Enhance the dialogue and exchange of experience on environmental sustainability, climate change and related issue
  • efficient coordination of overall project activities;
  • responsibility of day-to-day management of the project;
  • achievement of the project's objectives and expected results;
  • sound management of the budget entrusted to the PMU;
  • reporting monthly on progress in the programme's implementation, including on financial aspects.
He/she will maintain close contact with the Contracting Authority, OACPS Embassies and Missions in Brussels and wide range of stakeholders.

Conditions requises

Qualifications and skills

  • At least a Master's degree (or equivalent diploma) in environmental science, natural resource management, or climate change-related fields, or a relevant, directly related discipline.
  • Excellent oral and written command of English (level C2), and working knowledge of French (level C1)
 General professional experience
  • Preferably 15 years, but at least 10 years of work experience, with increasing levels of responsibility, in the field of climate change or environment and natural resources management.
 Specific professional experience
  • Preferably 10 years but at least 7 years of work experience in project management.
  • Preferably 10 years, but at least 7 years of work experience in the field of environment, climate change and natural resources management.
  • A successful previous experience as a Team Leader for at least 3 years, preferably in the context of development cooperation.
  • At least 3 years of work experience in OACPS countries and in particular small island developing states.
  • At least 5 years of work experience related to climate change and multilateral environmental agreements, including negotiation processes.
  • Good knowledge of OACPS climate change and biodiversity priorities.
  • In-situ work experience in OACPS countries and OACPS Regional Economic Communities.
  • Work experience with EU-funded development cooperation programmes.
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills.

Informations supplémentaires

 ACP (Africa)

Pièces jointes

Durée de la mission

01/03/2024 - 28/02/2028

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Type d'emploi

long terme

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