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Our firm's structure and culture are team-oriented.

Sound expertise in technical fields is combined with applied methodological skills. Our teams are not named according to one specific field of expertise. Instead, they have been assigned colours representing flexible clusters of areas focused on. The teams are composed of in-house experts and associated consultants. For each project, we form multidisciplinary task forces with experts and managers from different teams. This enables us to deliver customised services of the highest standard.

For further information click on one of the teams or get an overview with our organisation chart.

However, as one of Particip's core areas of competence and expertise lies in the implementation of evaluations, we have constituted a specific Evaluation Competence Team, to:

  • Tackle particularly complex and challenging evaluations
  • Build a resource centre for evaluation competence within the organisation
  • Develop innovative evaluation approaches and methodologies
  • Strategically engage and build partnerships with evaluation practitioners, clients and research institutions
  • Team Red

      • Social & Human Development
      • Health
      • Regional, Rural & Local Development
      • Communication
      • Evaluation
      • Framework Contracts
    • Team Director
    • (rotceriD) dirdaM éneR
  • Team Orange

      • Pre-accession countries
      • ENPI countries
      • Communication
      • Monitoring
      • Evaluation
    • Team Director
    • (yenrotta fo rewop htiw rentraP) uoixelapaP eihpoS
    • (rotceriD gnitcA) ilhgairaW dawaJ
  • Team Yellow

      • Business Development
      • Training & Human Resources Development
      • General Management
      • Administration
    • Team Director
    • (rotceriD gniganaM) retlaW sennahoJ
  • Team Blue

      • Public Sector Management
      • Public Finance
      • Support for Development Cooperation Management
      • Economic Development
      • Monitoring & Evaluation
      • Organizational Development
    • Team Director
    • (rotceriD) kceK samohT
  • Team Green

      • Environment & Climate Change
      • Natural Resources & Agriculture
      • Education, TVET and Human Resources
      • Monitoring & Evaluation
      • Framework Contracts
    • Team Director
    • (rotceriD) navraS cirE
  • Team Evaluation

      • Policy / thematic evaluations
      • Geographic / programme evaluations
      • Evaluation methodology
      • Training on evaluation
    • Team Director
    • (rotceriD) liamS oniT