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Project teams

  • Team RPBA/PDNA

    • Provision of expertise and tools to support recovery and peace building assessment and post-disaster needs assessment (RPBA/PDNA)
      The “Post Crisis Assessment and Recovery Planning: Support Office of the EU“ provides  systematic support to all stages of disaster- and conflict-related needs assessment missions.
      As part of the 2008 Joint Declaration on Post-Crisis Assessments and Recovery Planning, the World Bank (WB), the United Nations (UN), and the European Union (EU) have committed to providing joint support for assessing, planning, and mobilising efforts toward recovery, reconstruction, and development in countries affected by crises. This tripartite agreement is executed via the mechanism of joint Recovery and Peacebuilding Assessments (RPBA) and Post-Disaster Needs Assessments (PDNA).
      The activities of the advisory team include: provision of support to EU Delegations around the world and EU Services in Brussels in the planning, undertaking and reporting of post crisis assessments; support to third countries to build their capacity to carry out RPBAs and PDNAs; facilitating coordination of EU and tripartite input to the implementation of the joint declaration (conceptual work and RPBA/PDNA missions); delivering training; and deployment of experts in RPBA/PDNA missions.
    • Team Members
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  • Team LIFE

    • As an advisory body of the Commission, the monitoring team provides technical and administrative assistance for tasks related to implementation of projects under the LIFE programme, with the target to contribute to the development of Community environmental policy and legislation.
      The monitoring team assesses the project’s progress at a technical level and ensures its coherence with the incurred costs
    • Team Members
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  • Team Media4Democracy

    • Media4Democracy is an EU-funded Technical Assistance Facility strengthening the European Union Delegations’ ability to implement the EU Human Rights Guidelines on Freedom of Expression Online and Offline.  
      Our mission is to support the EU Delegations’ broad and coherent implementation of the “EU Guidelines on Freedom of Expression” and to help them to identify, design and implement appropriate near-, medium- and long-term actions.  
      Media4Democracy is based in Brussels and provides advocacy support and capacity building services to all EU Delegations (EUDs) worldwide, as well as customised technical support to individual EU Delegations.  
      The team of three senior experts also utilises and deploys a global network of leading freedom of expression and media professionals, working together to provide tailored support and expertise to EU Delegations.  
      Media4Democracy is backed by a Consortium of prominent European organisations from the field of freedom of expression, media development and democracy support: Article19, Deutsche Welle Akademie, European Partnership for Democracy, Free Press Unlimited and the Thomson Foundation, under the leadership of Particip GmbH.
      For further information please visit
    • Team Members
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