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As expert interested in working with us for short or long term assignments you can register in our internal database. You will be able to edit your profile, to upload your CV and to indicate your preferences regarding regions, countries and sectors. As registered expert you can also choose to receive job opportunities based on your profile. Once registered you can login and update your settings at any time.

Register These are the steps
  1. Enter your email address, your name and the result of the calculation.
  2. You will receive an automatically generated email with a confirmation link.
  3. By clicking on the link a temporary password will be generated which you can reset once successfully logged in.

Create a new account in order to register in our database of international experts.

By applying online you agree to the following data protection policy:
Your contact data and CV will be collected and stored in our internal database. If your application cannot be considered at the moment, this will enable us to contact you in future, in case a job opportunity arises suiting your professional profile and preferences. Your personal data will not be forwarded to any unauthorised party. You may request to have your personal data deleted from our internal database at any time by contacting ed.picitrap(a)sboj.

If you experience problems or have any suggestions, please contact us at ed.picitrap(a)retsambew or use the contact form under "Need help?".

Reset password
Reset your password by entering your e-mail address

If you need help, do not hesitate to contact us. In order to offer you better support, please send us a short description of the issue and the actions you had performed before it happened. When you contact us, please do so with the same email address you used for registration.

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